French speaking psychoanalysts

The first part of the following collection is based on the video library 1990 – 2004 of the Société Psychanalytique de Paris (SPP) on the SPP website:

The video recordings of Marianne Persine

Marianne Persine as head of the SPP archives created the video library and realized many important records which were in a first time available only at the Bibliothèque Sigmund Freud or on order because the online distribution was not yet possible. Today these records can be accessed via the SPP website on clicking on the links below. The video will open in a new tab:


Other videos in French 

are directly accessible via Youtube or Vimeo:


English speaking psychoanalystes

The British Psychoanalytical Society and it's Institute published a certain number of interviews with some of their former leading members under the title Encounters through Generations. These interviews are accessible here via the following links; the videos will open in a new tab:

Other interviews of this serial can be loaned via the BPS website.

A certain number of other interviews or presentations of English speaking psychoanalysts are available via Vimeo or Youtube:

German speaking psychoanalysts

Spanish speaking psychoanalysts


Italian speaking psychoanalysts

Finnish speaking psychoanalysts

Swedish speaking psychoanalysts

Dutch speaking psychoanalysts

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